Monday, July 19, 2010

Microsoft Windows Operating System "problems" ?

Now days Microsoft Windows are really well known and used world wide compare to the other operation system. which is the version that is popular now days are windows XP, Vista and Seven. but my post is not really to praise these operating system, because even if Microsoft have created a great OS still there are many problems arise as time pass by, and Microsoft did provide a solution but sometimes or most of the time the solution comes with a price. so my post here will be focus more on "low or free of charge" based solution with the help of the meaning of the principal "sharing is caring"

the critical problem that really need to emphasize are " the operation system are detected as not genuine, unlicensed or not activated" indirectly this problem disabled you from getting updates involving security and other critical services. this may sound unimportant but when this happen your computer will face chaos where the critical services for your operation system will be disabled bit by bit, your firewall will be disabled, your network card then your explorer and then the file manager and it continue like quicksand until your OS turns dark and there is nothing you can do about it . the cause of this problem can occur in several condition.

1. you buy a computer from a computer store where you were told that the OS copy was genuine then after sometime it was detected by Microsoft

2 your computer have a problem than you reformatted it at the shop ten after a while condition above ( 1 ) happens.

The solution for the problem are not absolute there is an option

you can go to the tribunal or authorities and "whine" to them about the store who cheated on you or the store who reformat your computer and installed a non-genuine or non-activated Microsoft Windows Operation System. "AS IF THE AUTHORITIES CARE," (care my foot!!!) if they really care we would not have the problem in the first place wouldn't we? hahahahaha


you can go directly to Microsoft for a solution they will "GLADLY" help you giving the best customer service that they can give which will come with " NO PRICE " hahaahahahaha . lets imagine the situation you buy a computer promised to you that the OS copy is genuine then you face genuine or license problem than you report to the source itself the hoping that they will help you but in the end of the day they say " we can help you what you have to do is pay certain amount and enjoy your life " mannn from my point of view " THAT SUCKS"

I will not recommended both of the above options, what i do recommended are several ways to avoid and to solve the above problem but the first step is check whether your Microsoft OS is genuine or not using tools called "WGA CHECK" if it passed than you have nothing to worry about but if it did not pass then here is the option of solution

1. change the existing product key with a genuine serial number.
2. by pass the genuine notification
3. hack or crack the windows to make it genuine.

each solutions above required tool that is very easy to use and there a guide included. the required tool may be different based on the Microsoft OS versions which is XP, Vista and for the record the tool are recommended by the people so called hackers or pirates.
the tool mentioned above can be downloaded from one of a sharing community forum website listed below

to avoid problems in the future always disabled the Microsoft automatic updates service

if there is any comment or suggestion please reply to this post for we share our knowledge and enhance the caring society


  1. Apple Machintosh has is getting better and better. good to have few options in the market. it surely will eliminate monopoly by sole producer. apa2pun bos, you are man!! mula-mula saya sangka blog ini untuk peminat filem seram..hihi..

  2. Jazuli, you are right...the fire and the hahahaha in the text makes it seram....

    There a computer users who don't have any idea what OS is. To them whenever there is any problem they will take it to the shop.

    Since computer is like a 'must have' gadget they just get it repaired and pay whatever the charges charged to them. So in this new era that's information era, make sure we equiped ourselves with the basic knowledge about computerand don't get cheated.

  3. well i agree with both of you, Apple Machintosh OS is catching up, from what i heard this OS are invincible against virus.

    knowledge is important in this technology era, but ones knowledge may not be enough, we need to share, spread the words so people who intended to buy a computer will be aware and also for those who are already caught in this mess,they need to know that there is an option for them.

  4. Dear Hafiz.

    The concept is somewhat the same as why is white headlamp bulbs are being sold in car accesories stores, or black (note black, not dark) tint window film yet the authority claim that those are illegal. Shouldn't they stop it at its distribution channel?

    From what i heard, ungenuine or 'pirate' products are widespread in Asia if we were to compare with other developed countries, which they really enforced the copyright law.

    Perhaps, as our conutry is heading towards a developed country status, we may be getting there gradually?

    Again perhaps, what they do is put those who use ungenuine products in misery. Can't update critical data & if they do, they will be rewarded with a free deletion service on all PC memory space & end up sending it to service centre & pay for a genuine one.

    If they are cleaning up their mess now, then overall its a good effort. Or, bad, real bad considering that we, as customers have always enjoy having the pirated one without much fuss LOL!

  5. my brother annel, you are absolutely right and i agree with you when you said "the authority claim that those are illegal. Shouldn't they stop it at its distribution channel?" well as we know authorities are part of the nation administration system. well nature of a system one day it will "corrupt" screw them ROFL hahahahahahahaha.

    for me this problem contributes or encourage us as customer to use pirate copy. trying to be analytical, the advantage goes to the pirate copy. as for the record the pirate copy can only be harmful or useless if it was detected non-genuine or unactivated. if its not then its all fine.

    even if it was caught by Microsoft non-genuine there is several option that can be used to protect our self.

    who knows the piracy action, hackers community and sharing community will help bring down the monopoly regime of Microsoft and lead to more healthy competition among the Operation System Provider Company.

  6. apyz666 are you encouraging people to be a criminal by suggesting them to use unlicensed microsoft product!!!????!!! HUARG HAHA but I also use cracked microsoft product lalalalala

  7. YAN, hahaha Bill Gates is not the one who invented windows, he make use of other people's work, to me he is actually the REAL PIRATE hahahahahaha. Actually the so called criminal act that we commit is actually help in bringing down the REAL PIRATE regime hahahahahahahahahahaha

  8. YAN using unlicensed microsoft product is a crime? hahahahahah the law in our country does not provide any penalty for this hahahaha ohhh my mistake "they said they provide the penalty for this crime but they are not doing anything about it" hahahahahahahaha the law is part of a nation administration system and we both know system will corrupt lalalalalalalalala

  9. law is made by human for human. So fuck it. Some will obey and some will say 'my ass'. I do not have much knowledge about this tech things. But, i learn. Thanks for the info btw. As far as I concerned, this licensing OS is always messed up. i like the quote from mr. annel. If its illegal why not close and seize the distro channel? fuck bill gates, he is filthy rich because of people effort. but yet, i still use windows. irony? -ronaldisko-

  10. kima, tu mikrosoft mau lagi lisin lisin kunun. karit banar cukup tah mangaut usin urang atu. Tabak bauta banar!!!!!!!

  11. Frankly, i am confused. I realise, i have so much to learn about IT.....Never too late...!

  12. thanks apiz for your very informative topic.well i agree that some store selling their products with not genuine OS installed. When we ask them what happen if it is detected, confidently they would say it would not happen. I believe that the enforcement to prevent this particular matter in our country not strictly exercised.There are laws and act however where are the enforcer!

  13. Jordan, U are not alone...When I go deeper into IT....I feel that I'm so far left behind by IT..

    But...whether its OS or Ms...we take advantages on the technology.

  14. Jordan & Banker on the street, better late than never.

  15. yup...i agree with u penghulu mat. at least we not lost forever about IT,right? I also agree with u pija... Kbykannya dorg sbnrnya mau untung jak tanpa mengira kebajikan kta sbi pengguna. Thanx apyz 4 ur informative topic...