Monday, July 19, 2010

Microsoft Windows Operating System "problems" ?

Now days Microsoft Windows are really well known and used world wide compare to the other operation system. which is the version that is popular now days are windows XP, Vista and Seven. but my post is not really to praise these operating system, because even if Microsoft have created a great OS still there are many problems arise as time pass by, and Microsoft did provide a solution but sometimes or most of the time the solution comes with a price. so my post here will be focus more on "low or free of charge" based solution with the help of the meaning of the principal "sharing is caring"

the critical problem that really need to emphasize are " the operation system are detected as not genuine, unlicensed or not activated" indirectly this problem disabled you from getting updates involving security and other critical services. this may sound unimportant but when this happen your computer will face chaos where the critical services for your operation system will be disabled bit by bit, your firewall will be disabled, your network card then your explorer and then the file manager and it continue like quicksand until your OS turns dark and there is nothing you can do about it . the cause of this problem can occur in several condition.

1. you buy a computer from a computer store where you were told that the OS copy was genuine then after sometime it was detected by Microsoft

2 your computer have a problem than you reformatted it at the shop ten after a while condition above ( 1 ) happens.

The solution for the problem are not absolute there is an option

you can go to the tribunal or authorities and "whine" to them about the store who cheated on you or the store who reformat your computer and installed a non-genuine or non-activated Microsoft Windows Operation System. "AS IF THE AUTHORITIES CARE," (care my foot!!!) if they really care we would not have the problem in the first place wouldn't we? hahahahaha


you can go directly to Microsoft for a solution they will "GLADLY" help you giving the best customer service that they can give which will come with " NO PRICE " hahaahahahaha . lets imagine the situation you buy a computer promised to you that the OS copy is genuine then you face genuine or license problem than you report to the source itself the hoping that they will help you but in the end of the day they say " we can help you what you have to do is pay certain amount and enjoy your life " mannn from my point of view " THAT SUCKS"

I will not recommended both of the above options, what i do recommended are several ways to avoid and to solve the above problem but the first step is check whether your Microsoft OS is genuine or not using tools called "WGA CHECK" if it passed than you have nothing to worry about but if it did not pass then here is the option of solution

1. change the existing product key with a genuine serial number.
2. by pass the genuine notification
3. hack or crack the windows to make it genuine.

each solutions above required tool that is very easy to use and there a guide included. the required tool may be different based on the Microsoft OS versions which is XP, Vista and for the record the tool are recommended by the people so called hackers or pirates.
the tool mentioned above can be downloaded from one of a sharing community forum website listed below

to avoid problems in the future always disabled the Microsoft automatic updates service

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